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Private photography sessions

If you're reading this then thank you for considering me for a private shoot.

This could be the first time you've worked with a photographer or you might have enjoyed a shoot in the past and want to repeat the experience with somebody new.

Here I will give details about what to expect and also some tips on how to prepare for a shoot with me.


Why do you want the shoot?

This may not be as straightforward an answer as you think. 

Is it an intimate present for a partner, is it to create a memory for yourself, are you a couple looking for something to spice up your relationship, perhaps you want anonymous images you can post on social media without fear of judgement from friends and family?

Whatever your reason (unless it is a surprise gift) talk it over with your partner first and discuss what each of you might want.

At the risk of losing your custom, they might not like the thought of you spending time with a stranger, least of all a stranger who is going to be taking revealing photographs.

What do you want to shoot?

I will already have asked you what sort of images you want, I'm asking again because it's not unusual for ideas to change during our conversations.

You (or your partner) might see inspiration in other images, you might decide your first thoughts were too raunchy or maybe not raunchy enough. 

I will try to guide you to reach the decisions that are right for you. I want you to be happy with your images and not feel a need to perform or be pressured into achieving something outside of your comfort zone. At any point "No", "No thank you", "I'm not sure about that" will always mean "NO".


Depending on your reasons for wanting the shoot and the type of images you want to shoot you'll need to organise a suitable location. I can recommend several excellent studios around the country, in some areas I know great hotels or you might have a personal favourite, it could be an outdoor shoot or I can come to your home. 

Each has it's own benefits - ultimately it comes down to where you will feel most relaxed.

Image use

Do you want the images for personal use only? 

If so, it will have to be a paid shoot - but my rates are reasonable and I can assure complete discretion on my part... the images are yours and yours alone.

Are you happy for me to use a selection of images on social media, websites etc?

I might be able to come to a content share agreement where we both have rights of use of certain photographs. You can select which ones you are happy for me to use, should anonymity be an issue. The rest of the photographs will still be yours to use as you wish.

Before the shoot

Any beauty preparations (shaving, waxing etc.) should be done the day before, this will give time for any redness or shaving rash to disappear.

Have your hair, nails and make-up done before the shoot. If we're shooting nudes wear loose clothing or just a dressing gown for at least an hour beforehand so that marks from underwear, jeans etc. have a chance to fade.

It will take me around 30 minutes to set everything up, we can use this time for you to ask any further questions, enjoy a cup of coffee (or other beverage of your choice) and generally get to know each other a little better. If you have last minute nerves or doubts, let me know - it's never too late to change your mind about any aspect.

Let's take some photographs...

It's normal to be nervous, I know it's easier said than done but try to relax and enjoy the experience. I will direct you into the poses that flatter you best, I'll make you laugh when I demonstrate poses that no man should be able to achieve, I'll talk through every set beforehand and fine tune it as we shoot. 

Remember "No" always means NO - if I suggest a pose that isn't for you, it's never a problem - we simply move on. 

If you want a break at any time, just let me know.

Smoke and mirrors

I'm a photographer first and foremost, which means my job is to get the best images I can of the scene in front of me.  I create photographs that create stories for people's minds. 90% of my explicit images are posed, this doesn't mean the act isn't happening but it's carefully framed and lit - so be warned - this can mean a lot of start - stop - start antics. 

"The images come before the participants cum!"

What tends to happen is there are plenty of laughs and giggles along the way

What happens next?

I'll get all of the unedited images to you within 48 hours as a download from a private area on my website.

You can select which ones you want for editing and, if we have agreed content share, flag the ones you don't mind me using.

My normal turnaround for returning the edits to you is 2 weeks but sometimes I need to allow 4 due to other commitments.

I'll edit the images in the way I think looks best but you can always tell me if you'd prefer me to produce something to a style of your choosing.

If you want any images as prints I can arrange this for you at cost price with any of my regular suppliers.

If you read from start to finish you probably need some time to digest all of this... any questions just ask. I'm always happy to help.


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